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Guilin Shopping
Local Specialities and Souvenirs, Guilin Shopping Streets, Guilin Department Stores and Malls.

Guilin Dining
Guilin Rice Noodle, Guilin Local Snacks, Regional Cuisines in Guilin, Foreign Food Restaurants.

Guilin Transportation
Guilin Flight, Guilin Train, Guilin Long-Distance Bus, Guilin Public Bus, Guilin Taxi and Guilin Boat.

Guilin Entertainment
Shows and Performances, Bars and Pubs, Night Strolls and Activities.

Guilin Facts
Maps, History, Arts & Culture, Education & Training, Photos, Videos, Local Customs, Health and Sports, Government Agencies.

Guilin Hotels
Luxury Hotels, Comfortable Hotels, Budget Hotels and Guilin Hostels.

Guilin Tourism
Attractions along Li River, Attractions in Guilin City and Attractions in Guilin鈥檚 Counties.

General Information
Guilin, Guilin Introduction, Guilin鈥檚 Official Tourism Website, Guilin from Wikitravel, Guilin Useful Info, Guilin Expat, Guilin Guide, Language in Guilin, Guilin Weather Introduction, Guilin City Facts & Districts, Visa.
Guilin City Map, Lijiang River Map, Guilin Map China, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport Maps, Guilin Aerial Maps, Travel Map of Guilin Tours, Li River Tourist Map, Guilin Satellite Map, Yangshuo Map, Guilin Map.
History of Guilin. History from Wikipedia, Famous Persons in Guilin, Legend of the Li River, Guilin Museum.
Arts & Culture
Guilin Arts & Culture, Gui Opera, Guilin Art Museum, Chinese Culture in Guilin and Yangshuo, Guilin Culture Guide, History & Culture, Talking Culture in Guilin.
Education & Training
Education, Learn Chinese in Guilin, Study in China Gateway, Education System in China, Guangxi Normal University, Guanglin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin College of Aerospace Technology, Guilin Institute of Tourism. Guilin Normal College, Guilin Medical University.
Guilin Photo, Guilin Photo Gallery, Guilin Pictures, Guilin Pictures at Trip Advisor, Beautiful Guilin, Guilin, Pictures of Guilin's Surrounding Area, Guilin Scenery, Finest Under Heaven, Guilin Landscape.
A Li River Cruise, Yangshuo Video, Guilin Videos Guide, Videos Gallery, Karst Climbing in Yangshuo, Videos of Guilin Attractions.
Local Customs
Guilin Local Customs, Local Culture, Local People鈥檚 Life, Zhuang Nationality, Yao Nationality, Dong Nationality, Ping鈥檃n Stockaded Village of Zhuang.
Health and Sports
Guilin Healthcare, Guilin Sports & Recreation, Hospitals, Health and Healthcare, The People's Hospital of Guilin, The Second People's Hospital of Guilin, Li River Rafting, Guilin Merryland Golf Club, Swimming in Li River, Rock Climbing, Yangshuo Sports Travel.
Government Agencies
Guilin Government, Guilin Tourism, Guilin Agriculture, Guilin Environment Protection, Guilin Education Information Network, Guilin Health Bureau, Guilin Municipal Office, SAT, Ministry of Commerce.

General Information
Booking Hotels in Guilin, Cheap Hotels in Guilin, Guilin Hotels at Virtual Tourist, Guilin Hotels at Trip Advisor, Guilin Hotel Review, Hostels in Guilin, Map of Hotels in Guilin.
Luxury Hotels
Guilin Royal Garden Hotel, Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Guilin, Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, The Fortune Condominium Hotel, Gulin Sunshine Hotel, New West Street International Hotel, Green Lotus Hotel, Guilin Shangri-La Hotel.
Comfortable Hotels
Guilin Eva Inn, Guilin Park Hotel, DongJiang Golf Resort Hotel, Guilin Bravo Hotel, New West Street International Hotel, Guilin Overseas Chinese Mansion, Guilin Jinwan Hotel, Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel, Yangshuo Tangrenjie Hotel, Guilin New Century Hotel, Western Hill Hotel, East Street Hotel, The Sovereign Hotel Yangshuo, Yangshuo Guifu Hotel, Golden Dragon Hotel, Guilin Sunshine Hotel, Ronghu Lake Hotel.
Budget Hotels
Guilin International Hotel, Guilin Osmanthus Hotel, Xin Kai Yue Hotel Guilin, Hotel Universal Guilin, Guilin Golden Elephant Hotel, Jing Guan Ming Lou Holiday Hotel, Jing Du Hotel Guilin, Guilin Overseas Chinese Mansion, Guilin Jinpu Hotels, Grand 0773 Hotel, Zhongshan Hotel Guilin, Guilin Aviation Guilin, Guilin Fubo Hotel, Taizi Hotel, Jin Di Hotel Guilin, Osmanthus Flower Hotel, Longsheng Vacation Centre, Jinggui New City Hotel, Guilin Guijiang Hotel.
Guilin Hostels
Yangshuo Flowers Youth Hostel, Guilin Yongxing Hostel, Dozycat Youth Hostel, Guilin Wada Hostel, Guilin Riverside Hostel, Guilin Oasis Inn, Garden-reside Hostel, Guilin Xiao Yang Lou International Hostel, Guilin Backstreet Youth Hostel, Prosperous Travel Inn, Anne's Apartment.

General Information
Guilin Tourism Administration, Tourist Map of Guilin, Guilin China Tourist Guide, Attractions Nearby Guilin, Guilin Travel Guide 鈥 Wikitravel, Guilin Tourist Information, Guilin Travel Tips and Advice, Guilin Tourist Attractions, Lijiang Maps, Guilin Travel Blogs, Sightseeing in Guilin, Guilin Weather Guide, Planning a Trip in Guilin.
Attractions Along Li River
Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Wangfu Rock, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Xingping Ancient Town, Crown Cave, Pagoda Hill, The History of the Pagoda, Grotesque Peak Village, Half-Side Ferry, Snail Hill, Daxu Ancient Town, Yangdi Village, Mopanshan Wharf, Langshi Scenery, Yangshuo County, Zhujiang Wharf, Mural Hill.
Attractions in Guilin City
Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake, Guilin Jingjiang Mausoleum, Li River Folk Custom Center, The Bear and Tiger Village, Yanshan Park, Folded Brocade Hill, Peach Blossom River, Yaoshan Mountain, Reed Flute Cave, Yu Hill Park, Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park, Yuzi Paradise, Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden, Solitary Beauty Peak, Guilin Museum, South Creek Park.
Attractions in Guilin鈥檚 Counties
Big Banyan Tree, Fuli Town, Moon Hill, Longmen Water Cave, Green Lotus Peak, Shangrila, Butterfly Cave, Liugong Town, Chaolong Village, Yangshuo Park, West Street, Yulong River, Yulong River Photo, Longji Terraced Fields, Daxu Ancient Town, Gudong Waterfall, Cat Mountain, Ling Canal, Baoding Waterfall, Silver Cave, Marshal Confucian Temple.

General Information
Guilin Shopping Guide, Guilin Shopping, What to Buy in Guilin, Famous Shops and Stores, Guilin Shopping at Virtual Tourist, Guilin Shopping 鈥 IgoUgo, Shopping in Yangshuo, Yangshuo Shopping Review, Guilin Shopping Tips, Guilin Shopping Photo.
Local Specialities and Souvenirs
Ginlin Souvenirs, San Hua Jiu, Fermented Bean Curd, Guilin Chili Sauce, Southern Candies, Weaved Grass Craftwork, Osmanthus Flower Tea, Shatian Pomelo, Osmanthus Wine, Bamboo and Wood Carvings, Paintings & Calligraphy.
Shopping Streets
Main Shopping Places in Guilin, Walking Street Guilin, Yangshuo West Street, Yangshuo West Street Overview, West Street Photo, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Shopping Road.
Department Stores, Malls and Markets
The Most Interesting Places to Shop in Guilin, Main Shopping Malls and Super Markets, Guilin Shopping Center, Guilin Supermarkets, Local Supermarket Photo, Night Market, Guilin Weixiaotang Department Store, Shopping at Ba Gui Da Sha, Guilin Shopping Mall Entrance, Department Stores in Guilin.

General Information
Guilin Food, Guilin Dining, Popular Restaurants in Guilin, Eating Out in Guilin, Guilin Restaurants at Trip Advisor, Guilin Restaurants Listings, Yangshuo Food, Guilin Food Pictures, Guilin Dining Guide, Where to Eat in Guilin, Guilin Chinese Food & Guilin Dining.
Guilin Rice Noodle
Rice Noodles, Guilin Rice Noodle, Guilin Mi Fen with Horse Meat, Guilin Rice Noodle Festival, Guilin Rice Noodle on Flickr, Guilin Shouzi Rice Noodle Restaurant, Shiji Rice Noodle Restaurant, Chongshan Rice Noodle Restaurant.
Guilin Local Snacks
Guilin Local Snacks, Guilin Traditional Food Specialties, Water Chestnut Cake, Top 10 Guilin Snacks, Fried Chicken With Water Chestnut, Nun Vegetarian Noodles, Food with Local Favors, Glutinous Rice with Mung Bean Paste, Water Chestnuts.
Regional Cuisines in Guilin
Guilin Cuisines, Three Treasures of Guilin Cuisine, Guilin Cuisine Introduction, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Top Restaurants in Guilin, Yangshuo Restaurants, Guilin Restaurants Listings, Tong Lai Guan, Yi Yuan Restaurant, Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant, Jin Long Zhai, Asia Pacific Restaurant, Zhengyang Soup City, Top Restaurants in Guilin.
Foreign Food Restaurants
Western Restaurants in Guilin, Rosewood Inn, Rosemary Caf茅, Guilinren Musical Western Restaurant, Yangshuo Foreign Restaurants, Mingtien Coffee Language, Sharon's Coffee.

General Information
Guilin Transportation, Guilin Transportation at Virtual Tourist, Guilin: Getting Around, Guilin Traffic on Flickr, Travel to Guilin, Air China, Transportation from Zhangjiajie to Guilin, Yangshuo Transportation, Getting to and around Guilin and Yangshuo, Book Train Travel From Beijing to Guilin, Guilin Travel Guide, Guilin to Yangshuo, Travel in Guilin.
Guilin Flight
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, Cheap Airfare to Guilin, Guilin Airport Location Map, Guilin Airport Photos, Information about Guilin Airport. EBTS Flight Reservation, Airport Fact.
Guilin Train
Guilin South Railway Station, Guilin Train Timetable, Guilin Trains, Beijing to Guilin Train Schedule, Nanning to Guilin by Train, Guilin Train Schedule, Train to and from Guilin, Guilin Train Station, Guilin Train Photo, How to Book Train Travel From Guilin to Xian.
Guilin Long-Distance Bus
Bus from Bejing to Guilin, Road Conditions in Guilin, Long Distance Bus Station, Highway Guilin to Yangshuo, Long Distance Coaches in Guilin.
Guilin Public Bus
Guilin Public Transport Group Co., Ltd, City Bus in Guilin, Traveling by Bus in Guilin, Guilin Bus Photo Gallery, By Public Bus, Guilin Tourist Bus.
Guilin Taxi
Guilin Taxi, Car & Taxi in Guilin, Taking a Taxi, Yangshuo Taxis, Taxi to Yangshuo and Guilin, Guilin Taxi Fare & Others.
Guilin Boat
Li River Cruise Information, Boat Ride, Guilin to Yangshou Boat Trip May 2010, Guangzhou to Guilin By Boat, Li River Cruise Guilin to Yangshuo via Xingping, Videos of Guilin Tourist Boat.

General Information
Guilin Entertainment Guide, Nightlife and Entertainment in Guilin, Guilin Nightlife, Electric Nightlife in Guilin, Guilin Bars Clubs, and Nightlife Reviews, Yangshuo Nightlife.
Shows and Performances
Performances in Guilin, Impression Liu Sanjie, Dreamlike Li River, Acrobatic Performance, Cormorant Fishing, Show of Longji Soul, Garden Night, Gui Opera, Li River Folk Custom Center.
Bars and Pubs
Guilin Bars, Guilin Bars and Clubs, Guilin Mingren Karaoke, Guilin Plaza Hotel Karaoke Bar, Rosemary Caf茅, Karst Caf茅, Karst Caf茅 Photo, Sharon's Coffee, Le Feitz Irish Pub, Guilin Bravo Hotel VIP Nightclub, Blue Bird Caf茅.
Night Strolls
Night Strolls in Gulin Nightlife, Guilin at Night, Guilin Night Street Photo, Hot Air Bllooning 鈥 Yangshuo, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Yangshuo Street Night, Central Square.
Outdoor Activities, Yulong River Rafting, Guilin Merryland Golf Club, Cormorant Fishing, Rafting on the Li River, Camping in Guilin, Swimming in Li River, Rock Climbing, Guilin Activities.

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